Built for event managers by event managers

With Aposto you can eliminate complexity in your event planning, staffing and compliance. 

How Aposto works

Aposto began life as a unique digital briefing tool that enables venue and event managers to inform and direct staff remotely ahead of an event or work shift. But that’s just the start. The app also allows managers to track and test the knowledge of your staff so you can easily target further training and additional briefings accordingly.

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Plan better with scalable rostering & scheduling

With Aposto you can easily manage a seasonal workforce by streamlining the onboarding, communication and scheduling for your staff.

Seamlessly meet your compliance obligations

Aposto helps you and your team by providing real-visibility of staff availability and event rosters ensuring that you maintain your compliance levels.

Create better relationships with your staff

Aposto ensures that you have effective communicate with you and your staff throughout all of your events. Allowing you to coordinate your events and engage with your staff.


Create multiple briefings for different departments for your events by using the Aposto briefings builder.


Plan, create, edit and publish your event schedule to your staff with ease. Aposto’s scheduling tool makes it easy.


Meet compliance regulations and engage with your staff by creating and assigning personalised training modules. 


Provide your staff with assessments based on your training modules to improve engagement and knowledge.


Receive instant feedback from your staff based on each event. Allowing you to plan your future events more effectively.

Event Analytics

Aposto provides you and your team with in-depth analytics of your events. Allowing you to make informed decisions.

Venue Statistics

Aposto’s venue mapping tool provides you with analytics on staff assignments for different sections of your venue.

Instant Communication

Communicate directly with your staff by sending them instant SMS texts, dramatically increasing staff engagement.

A tailored app built for your event staff.

With Aposto you provide your staff with a personalised app that they can access anywhere at any time. 

Submit shift availability

Staff can instantly submit their availability for events. They can easily accept or reject event invites sent by you.

Access briefings and schedules

Based on each event, your staff can read your published briefing and event schedule. Allowing them to be fully infromed.

Work through training and venue info

In-between shifts your staff can increase their knowledge by working through essential training modules and venue information.

Great experiences lead to even greater results

Make the complex, simple. Aposto continues to strive to help companies manage their events better.


Companies using Aposto have experienced a significant increase in productivity due to the optimised event process.


Using Aposto allows companies to execute dozens of tasks that would usually be a very long process. Increasing staff retention by as much as 20x.


Within weeks of using Aposto, companies now have the data to plan their events in a better way. Increasing their spare time to focus on other key areas of their day.


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