Brief, train and schedule your event staff in one app

Event management should be simple

See live check-ins of your staff and agency contractors


Know who’s on site and their full training records


Everything you need to improve
your event management experience

Aposto removes the need for multiple systems to carry out the essential tasks needed to manage events effectively.  

Event Manager Portal

Aposto provides all of the essential tools that event managers need to effectively plan, monitor and analyse your events and staff in one place. There is no need for multiple systems to help you run your events, we’ve provided all of the essential tools to run your events effectively all in your event manager portal.

Event Staff App

Workers can access information and support pre, post and during their shift so managers are no longer tied to specific briefing times. Event day briefings can be accessed on mobile, tablet or at home on a PC – whatever suits the worker and gets them ready for their duties in the most efficient way. 

Customise your account to match your preferences

Setting up your Aposto account is simple and you can give restricted permissions to other administrators, giving them control over their teams, with you having a  full overview

Onboard your staff

Aposto has made it easy for you to onboard your event staff into the platform. We’ve perfected the process for sports clubs so it makes your life easy.

Create your events

Publish all your event details and invite staff in minutes. We’ve worked hard to understand what’s important to you and built a process that automates the event creation process.

Manage, monitor and oversee your events

Aposto allows you to easily understand exactly what’s going on before, during and after your events.

Receive feedback, trends & analytics on your events

To make informed decisions to plan your future events more effectively. Aposto provides you and your team with key feedback tools, event trends and analytics.

What Aposto can bring to your organisation

Make the complex, simple. Aposto continues to strive to help companies manage their events better.

Increase Knowledge

Ensure your staff are fully informed and better trained.

Monitor Engagement

Easily identify and rectify any gaps in your organisation.

Streamline Briefings

Deliver the right information and direction in more efficient ways.


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